Ok everyone, time for your special skills to shine!
Special skills do not go unnoticed in the entertainment industry!
We want to see yours!

Post a 30 SECOND VIDEO in the next 5 days, showing off ONE of your UNIQUE special skills that you are an EXPERT in.

  • Are you an expert skateboarder or Rollerblader or hula hooper or juggler? Or got some expert Yo-Yo skills? Show us some challenging tricks!
  • Are you a yoga instructor? Show us a few difficult poses!
    Are you a comic book nerd? – show us your hardest to find comic book collections!
  • Expert Gymnast? Let’s see your solid championship/Olympics moves!
    Speed chess expert?
  • Expert Painter or Sculptor or Sketch Artist or Cartoonist or Balloon Artist or Woodworker? Show us one of your pieces you are most proud of.
  • Expert certified bartender – show us your skills with the bottles ala Tom Cruise in Cocktail!
  • Expert chef or baker?
  • Expert at Martial arts?
  • Expert Jewelry designer or Photographer?
  • Competitive athlete…expert swimmer? Pro soccer player, tennis player?
  • Do you have a degree in an area outside of acting? (Ie: engineering? Law? ) or a unique job (ie/ firefighter, EMT? IT/computer specialist? Veteran?)

Bring it on! Those listed above are some examples I’ve come across on actual resumes and for actual casting requests by clients.

Pick ONE OF YOUR SPECIAL SKILLS you are an EXPERT IN! Can’t wait to see your video. Keep it to 30 seconds.

(Note: special skills that you share, should NOT be related to acting)

TAG #isolationintocreation and @isolationintocreation when you post your video

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