How’d ya get into casting Erica Palgon?

Here’s the shortened version…

Graduated college with a degree in Communications, Theater & Writing. With a writing career in mind, I interned at a children’s book literary agency right out of college, which wasn’t quite a fit. From there I interned at a production co. that produced hotel videos. That led me to working as a PA for many films shooting in NYC, learning as much as I could. One of the films I worked on, I was assigned to the wardrobe department. They were working with the casting department. I was very curious about actors enough to ask the casting director on the film about an internship at their office. They didn’t have anything available but referred me to another casting office. 15 years later I had worked for 4 very different casting companies. It felt like it had been my own form of graduate school education. The universe stepped in to lead me to my next chapter. I formed my own casting company, bringing my own skillset and voice to the table. Not long after, my love for collaborating expanded to freelancing with several creative casting companies.

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