Career Counseling & Coaching For Actors

Erica Teaching a Seminar

“What am I doing wrong??”

  • Are you stuck in your acting career, not sure what direction to go in next? 
  • Are you getting advice from many sources, trying to make sense of it all? 
  • Are you struggling to figure out the best way to market yourself? 
  • Can’t figure out your type?
  • Not sure what classes to take, what photos to use? 
  • Are you sick of your monologues? 
  • Are you overwhelmed by the self taping and virtual auditions? 
  • Do you need some honest feedback on your acting?  
  • Are you lacking confidence in your auditions?  
  • Nerves taking over that you can’t control?

Erica Palgon has been working as a casting director and acting and career coach for over 25 years. 

When she first started in casting, actors would approach her asking these and other questions, as they were facing career and performance roadblocks. Erica felt the need to step in from a casting perspective and help actors find their way towards a successful (and less daunting) career. 

As the business has changed she has kept up to speed to better serve her career counseling and coaching clients.  

She finds it very rewarding to see her clients’ progress. 

Her success stories include bookings for guest star and co-star roles in major TV shows Blue Bloods and Succession, and bookings and callbacks for principal roles in commercials and films. (click here for testimonials)

Whether you are just starting out or you have been in the business for many years…

  • Erica will help you decipher the business of acting, tackle obstacles and map out clear strategies to reach your career goals.
  • Erica will coach you in your auditions from a professional casting director’s point of view. She understands what decision makers are looking for in all types of auditions. 
  • Erica has worked with many directors, producers, actors and casting director colleagues on all types of projects. She is a member of CSA and has worked on a wide variety of studio and indie films, tv, and commercials. 
  • Erica has a keen eye in casting and coaching actors.  

In coaching sessions she will work with you to bring your unique personality and creative skills to your auditions.

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