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Erica Teaching a Seminar“OMG!  What am I doing wrong???”

Are you stuck in your acting career, not sure what direction to go in next? Are you getting advice from many sources, trying to make sense of it all? Are you struggling to figure out the best way to market yourself? Not sure what classes to take, what photos to use, agents to go to? Are you sick of your monologues? Do you need help preparing for auditions and some honest feedback on your acting?  Are you lacking confidence when walking into auditions?  Nerves taking over that you can’t control?

Well… I hear ya! I’ve heard these questions and many others over and over. Throughout my career, many actors who are dealing with all types of career roadblocks, have approached me, frustrated and confused about how to “crack the code” and be successful in this business.

Whether you are just starting out or you have been in the business for many years, I am here to be your guide to your specific game plan!  We are going to do this thang together!

“Face your fears and do it anyway!”  

I love this quote!  It speaks to every part of my life.  I have been casting and working as an acting teacher/coach for over 20 years, everyday learning and growing from every experience, whether it be professionally or personally. I’ve taken inspirational workshops for women, improv and storytelling classes, that have helped bring out my creativity and motivation further while facing obstacles and my own fears along the way.  Being a business owner, I am always researching for unique ways to network, stand out and be competitive. And sometimes it’s doing something differently (or I like to say, out of your comfort zone) that works the best.

It’s through sharing my own experiences, when I am advising actors, that helps get to those amazing “ah ha” moments.  You’ll gain new perspective on your goals and more confidence overall..for auditions and how you come across professionally.

“Up your game!”

This business changes everyday and the more inside scoop you gain on how to maneuver through it, the better results you will receive. I am here to reveal what’s behind that curtain! I will be there every step of the way to INSPIRE, MOTIVATE and hone in on the best way to use your specific skills, that will build your confidence and take your career to a competitive level!! It’s time to bring out clever, outside the box thinking, both for your career decisions and performance choices!

Erica in ActionCareer Counseling & On-Camera Coaching:

Career Counseling Consultations

  • Options offered for career counseling consultations can be either IN-PERSON OR via ZOOM.
  • First time career counseling consultations are usually 1 hour, depending on your needs.
  • Erica will tailor your session in advance, based on a detailed questionnaire she will have you fill out prior to your session.
  • Erica will go over and explain your career strategy and realistic goals in your session.
  • Your session may cover classes to take, where/how to be seen and submit for auditions, guiding you away from any possible unprofessional opportunities, and marketing the brand of YOU — discussion of your type, headshot, resume, website, and social media review, among many other things…
  • Erica will also take a look at where you might be getting in your own way.  Overthinking and second guessing is very common in our industry.  Erica will provide the tools you need to build your confidence and trust yourself more.

(Please note, career counseling does not include introduction to agents or managers)

ON-CAMERA COACHING:  On-Camera Coaching can be either IN-PERSON OR via ZOOM.

Self Taping: For Film, TV and Commercials

Self taping – IN-PERSON: What you will get..

  1. Erica has a professional set-up for recording auditions in-person: professional lighting, backdrop, tripod, and cue card boards if needed. Location: In the NYC area.
  2. Erica has a professional camera as well as an Ipad and Iphone for recording auditions.  Or you may choose to have Erica record on your own smartphone.
  3. Erica will be your reader.  (You may also bring your own if you wish)
  4. Erica will give you specific direction tailored to the casting. 
    • You will be coached by Erica, a professional, seasoned casting director who has first-hand knowledge of what decision makers are looking for in all types of auditions. 
    • Her up-to-date knowledge comes not only from casting her own projects and 25 years of casting, but also freelance work for other casting offices, and in depth discussions with casting director colleagues in CSA.
    • Everything from your slate, blocking, eyeline, pacing to unique creative choices. Erica’s coaching will help you stand out to casting directors, producers and directors.
  5. Erica will collaborate with you on selecting the best take(s). 
  6. In addition, if needed, Erica will assist you with editing, adjusting file size and uploading your audition that meets the casting requirements.

Self taping – on ZOOM: What you will get…

  • Everything as stated above in numbers 3-6, except for Zoom self taping, you will need two devices.  ONE device to log into Zoom and a SECOND device to record your self tape on your end.
  • Erica will guide you through setting up your camera recording position, eyeline and blocking, while still being able to read/play to Erica on Zoom as your reader.

Audition and Callbacks Prep: Coaching can be In-Person (in NYC area) OR on Zoom…

  • Erica will prep and coach you IN-PERSON or on ZOOM, for your upcoming: in-person auditions, self tape auditions to record on your own, or callbacks, as well as industry showcase coaching.

On-going On-Camera Coaching…

  • Erica is available for on-going coaching for work on monologues, scenes, and commercials.
  • Erica will tailor your sessions to your needs.


Whether you live in the NY area or elsewhere across the U.S., Erica will be in your corner, providing you with the most up-to-date professional coaching for your career.

If you are interested in booking time for Career Counseling or On-Camera Coaching please email Erica for more information.

Career Consultations and On-Camera Coaching appointments are subject to availability. Weekend hours are possible upon request.



(We are lowering our rates till things return to “normal”)

All on-camera coaching and career counseling sessions can be done VIA ZOOM or IN-PERSON (in-person conducted in NYC area):

$45 / 30 minutes

$85 / 60 minutes

$100 / 90 minutes 


Career Counseling Consultations: $ 125 / hour First time consultations are usually approx 1-2 hours.

On Camera Work: $ 145 / hour (+ $ 30 / hour studio rental fee)

To make an appointment or to learn more, please contact Erica Palgon via email.

Any questions about rates or any of the above, please do not hesitate to ask. I’m looking forward to working with you!


Pay by Venmo to @EricaPalgonCastingandBeyond.  No credit cards. Full payment is due prior to your session. Cancellations at least 24 hours in advance, otherwise, you are responsible for the payment of your session.

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