Welcome to “Up The Ladder” podcast!

Hey everyone! Excited to officially launch my new podcast “UP THE LADDER” !

Are you stuck at the bottom of your ladder, and want to find the motivation and confidence to go for your dreams? Then this is the podcast for you!

“Up the Ladder” podcast hosted by me, Erica Palgon, explores honest and relatable conversations with a variety of successful, fascinating people, to help empower you to see past your doubts and believe in yourself.

As a casting director for tv, film, commercials and real people/real stories for 25 years, I’ve witnessed many inspired and courageous climbs up the ladder.

On my podcast, you will hear from guests from various industries, as well as inspirational parents, teachers, veterans and many more. They will share their personal revealing stories, lessons learned and moments of clarity, to help you find your path and give you the breakthrough you need to pursue your own journey up the ladder.

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