I’ve worked with Erica on several projects and she has a fantastic eye for talent!  Erica’s skills and resourcefulness as a Casting Director provides the client with the best options for talent!
~Tricia Bowman, Producer, Grey Advertising

We have had nothing but great experiences working with Erica for our projects that require real people casting.  Fast, professional, and well connected – Erica leaves no stone unturned and over delivers diverse and relevant options for us.  She is an excellent contact to keep in your rolodex.
~Heather Brown, Executive Producer, Lot 112 (real people casting projects)

I gave Erica an impossible job on a tight deadline and she not only delivered she went above and beyond for me and my team.  I can’t recommend her highly enough.
~Joe Plummer/Director/Gotta Kid To Feed Productions (real people casting project)

Erica has a great eye for talent and finds the best actors for each and every job she works on. Combining this talent with an amazing attitude and a great personality always ensures a smooth and productive casting process.
~Charlie Cocuzza, Executive Producer, Epoch Films

I’ve known Erica Palgon for a number of years, and she is terrific. She is wonderful in casting sessions with talent, managing to bring out exactly what I’m looking for in the actors so I can get a really good sense of who to bring back. She’s hit the streets for me a number of times and found “real people” (non-actors) who did an amazing job and, in some cases, have gone on to be in other commercials and film projects. And recently she has run virtual callback sessions for me from NYC which were super successful for me, the agency and the project. She works crazy hard, is an asset and also is funny, which is important for those loooong sessions that seem to go on for days. She’s never let me down and I will keep using her as long as she keeps doing what she does!
~Pam Thomas, Director

Erica always shows great results, has high integrity and is very creative.
~Sharon Lew, Executive Producer at Crossroads Films and Owner, Lew & Co., Inc

I have enjoyed working with Erica several times in the last few months. Her castings are always right on the money. She is quick to return correspondence, even when my requests are last minute. She is also very nice to work with which is just as important to me as anything.
~Allyson (McEvoy) Doody, Producer Kirshenbaum Bond

Erica is an amazing resource. She goes the extra distance to find the right talent and digs deeper than the usual suspects. She is thorough, professional, has a great attitude and gets the job done.
~Miriam Franklin, Director of Content Production at Translation LLC

Erica is a fantastic casting director with a great eye for current and undiscovered talent. She makes stories and spots come to life with great creativity, charm and professionalism. There is no casting director I love working with better than Erica.
~Sandra Miller, Producer, Good Productions

It was great working with Erica under a tight deadline.
~Cesar Vera, Director, Humble TV

Erica has consistently come through for me at a drop of a moments notice time and time again. She is pleasant to deal with, accommodating and understanding of last minute changes that come up. She is a trusted source that I don’t have to think twice about in terms of who to hire to take care of my casting needs.
~Heather Greaux, Producer, Digitas

Erica is a true professional and is a very creative casting director. She always goes the extra mile to find us what we’re looking for.
~Tamera Brooks, Owner, Stray Dog, LLC

Working with Erica was such a treat! She’s professional, organized, friendly and has a wonderful network of actors to pull from. She made our first casting experience pleasant and worry-free. She explained the process to us clearly and went above and beyond to meet our needs. Thank you!
~Saman Maydani, Producer. (cast Citibank for Saman)

I’ve worked with Erica a handful of times over the past several years while casting for TV commercials. Erica is very detailed, thorough and professional. Erica’s often challenged by us to work with tight budgets and deliver on our high expectations, and she’s come through time and again. I would recommend anyone considering working with her to do so without hesitation.
~Phil McCann, Producer

I have worked with Erica twice and have been immensely pleased both times. She is a joy to work with and really knows her stuff.
~Etan Frankel, Producer, Writer

I worked with Erica during 2004-2005 on the casting of our feature film, Full Grown Men. She was great to work with on every level, with good ideas and a positive attitude (not always easy when casting an indie film). Erica was the key casting director for the children in our movie, one of whom plays the third lead, and she brought in great kids and handled them in the perfect way. I’d definitely work with her again and highly recommend her.
~Xandra Castleton, Producer

Erica is a boffo Casting Director because of her innate sense for finding acting talent perfectly suited for the project combined with an incredible passion for her job and not stopping until her client demands/requests are satisfied.
~Rich Docherty, Producer “Dumping Lisa”

Erica is an excellent Casting Director. I’ve been hiring casting directors to help me cast projects in theatre, film and tv for the last decade here in NYC. Before that I was on the other side of the camera as an actor. Having worked with her on both sides of the camera I can happily say she understands both the actor and the clients needs in full. I highly recommend her for any project.
~Rick Kaplan, Director, Producer

Erica works extreme hard to find the actors for every role.
~Timothy Duff, Producer Renart Films. “The Project”

Erica has a deep knowledge of the casting business. Not only is she enormously helpful in finding great talent, but great at targeting talent to fill the needs of a creative concept. One of her biggest attributes is her knowledge of the SAG rules governing most of our business. I adore her and adore working with her on my projects. Erica is truly a great casting director. She not only listens carefully but also executes quickly and efficiently. She is a great support to a production team. She’s passionate and loves what she does.
Julie Stone, Director of Broadcast Production Limited Brands

Erica was incredibly, kind, resourceful, smart, easy to work with we couldn’t have cast the film with out. We were incredibly lucky to have her work with us.
~Patricia Dunnock, Producer, Actor

Erica was resourceful, charming and effective under difficult circumstances. She went above and beyond in order to capture the director’s vision. I would work with her again immediately and I recommend that you do so as well.
~Steven Holtzman, AD, PM, Producer

Erica is an excellent casting director who combines the practical aspects of her work (time management, reliability, knowledge) with the creative aspects (creative thinking, direction to the actors) to effect the best results.
~Kirsten Walther, Agent CESD

I have known and worked with Erica for many years. She is always professional and organized in her work. Erica has a deep knowledge of the talent pool available, and is always eager to increase that knowledge by meeting new talent. She is motivated to cast her projects with the best talent available, and has always been generous with her feedback for actors.
~Wendie Adelman, Talent Agent, The Gage Group

Erica is fantastic to work with!
~Tom Shillue, Owner, Tom Shillue Productions


“I highly recommend Erica Palgon as a teacher.  She and I have worked together for several years on many different types of projects, and she is always enthusiastic, kind to actors and very thorough.  She is a major champion of actors, and loves to discover new people.”

~ Nina Pratt, VP of Casting –  Grey Advertising

Erica’s knowledge of the industry as a casting director along with her fun and spirited personality combine to make her classes both beneficial and enjoyable.
~Bonnie Shumofsky, Talent Agent, Abrams Artists

Erica’s class is my favorite resource to recommend to my commercial clients – I know that when they work with Erica, they will not only develop their auditioning skills and hone their comedic instincts, but they’ll also have the privilege of working with an inspiring teacher who truly cares about her students. Erica is smart, funny and insightful, and as a veteran casting director she knows exactly what actors need to do to stand out in this competitive industry. I highly recommend her commercial comedy class to all actors looking to step UP their game and OUT of their comfort zone!

– Shoshana Robuck, talent agent at Take 3 Talent

Erica is awesome! She’s a working Casting Director, so she knows what she’s talking about and is unabashed about sharing all of her knowledge! You will get a positive, safe environ to work (and play!) and some very practical skills to take directly into your next on-camera audition. You’d be crazy NOT to study with this woman, CRAZY, I tell ya!
~Mark DeLaBarre, Actor

Erica Palgon is one of the most thoughtful and generous people I have met in New York City. She is always positive and has the ability to give accurate feedback in a productive way. She will tell you the truth with tact and with years of casting experience behind her. Effortlessly, and just because of the kind of person she is, she breaks the invisible barrier between performer and agent and gives actors a deep respect for those who work to find us opportunities.
~Jen Nails, Actress

Having known Erica for over ten years I can say without hesitation that she is a diligent and responsible employee. She is loyal and forthright. Finally she has keen sense of what a Casting Director’s role is due to both her years of experience and an innate talent in understanding the art of making actors comfortable and therefore eliciting their best performances.
~Stephen Gevedon, Actor/Writer, 54 Entertainment, Inc.

Erica is one of the best I’ve come across in the business. Not only does she have fantastic taste, but I trust any actor in her hands. She is professional, smart and wonderful which is so hard to come by in this business.
~Robyn Bluestone, Manager

Erica really, truly likes actors and thoroughly enjoys what she does. And she’s good at it. She has been in the business long enough to know it upside-down, backwards and forwards. Her firsthand knowledge is absolutely invaluable to actors at any level. She has been a real guiding force for me, and instrumental in helping me make the transition to the next phase of my career. I can’t remember how I ever got by in this town before knowing her.
~Eva Kaminksy, Actress

Erica Palgon has helped me tremendously in improving my work and in shaping my confidence as an actor in all media. She is one of the most genuine and supportive people I have met in this business. She has an incredible talent for coaching, working with you to pinpoint where you need help and exactly how to make it better. Erica has helped me improve the quality of my auditions, increase the number of jobs I book, and my knowledge about the business; but even more important, she has made me feel confident and strong in my work and myself.
~Darcy Miller, Actress

The best thing I can say about Erica’s career coaching is it worked! I was able to move to a new agency as a result of my work with her! She is extremely supportive, positive, creative in her thinking of how to “put yourself out there”, and also honest about where you are and what she thinks you need to do. Erica assessed where I was professionally, and how to make the move to get to the next level. She was able to pinpoint what aspects of my career and my choices/actions professionally I could improve and build upon. She gave great suggestions on how to improve my demo reel and resume. From her own vast experience casting and working with agents, she gave great guidance on what people in the industry I should market myself to. The business side of acting is tough. It is enormously helpful to have guidance and an objective opinion on one’s career. Working with Erica is a great opportunity to take a step forward, no matter where you are in your professional life.
~Crystal Bock, Actress

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