Self Tape Auditions

On-Camera Coaching Process

Option 1:

IN PERSON: Erica’s coaches and records actors in person for their self taped auditions. Location: NYC area

Option 2:

VIA ZOOM: Erica coaches actors via Zoom for their self taped auditions. Actors record the self tape on their own device.

* Covid Protocols: For IN-PERSON SESSIONS, you MUST be fully vaccinated and show proof of a negative Covid test within 24 hrs before your session. As of Nov 2021 Erica has been fully vaccinated and received a booster shot.

Option 1:
In-Person Self Taped Auditions – for Film, TV, and Commercials:

Professional set-up for recording auditions IN-PERSON: 

  • Professional lighting including ring light
  • Professional Backdrop
  • Tripods
  • Recording devices – Erica is set up to record with Iphone, Ipad, or professional camera.  You may also choose to have Erica record on your own smartphone or tablet device.
  • Cue card boards and cue-card stand provided if needed.
  • Location: In the NYC area.

Reader: Erica will be your reader.  

You may also bring your own reader if you wish.  But they MUST be vaccinated and tested 24 hours before your session.

Direction: Erica will give you specific direction tailored to the casting breakdown and requirements. 

  • You will be coached by Erica, a professional, seasoned casting director who has first-hand knowledge of what decision makers are looking for in all types of auditions. 
  • Her up-to-date knowledge comes not only from casting her own projects and 25 years of casting, but also freelance work for other casting offices, and in depth discussions with casting director colleagues in CSA.
  • Everything from your slate, blocking, eyeline, pacing to unique creative choices. Erica’s coaching will help you stand out to casting directors, producers and directors.

Takes: Erica will collaborate with you on selecting the best take(s). 

Editing, file size, uploading: If needed, Erica will assist you with editing, adjusting file size and uploading your audition that meets the casting requirements.

Option 2:
Via Zoom – Self Taped Auditions – for Film, TV, and Commercials:

For Zoom Self Taped auditions, Erica will provide everything as stated above EXCEPT the “in-person professional set up”.  

For Zoom self taped auditions you will need two devices…  

  • ONE device to log into Zoom to work and perform with Erica AND
  • SECOND device to record your self tape on your end.

Erica will guide you through setting up your camera recording position, eyeline and blocking, while still being able to read/play to Erica on Zoom as your reader.

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