Real People Casting Resume

Download Real People Casting Resume (PDF)

APPLE WATCH: Cast Apple Watch users across the globe, talking about their remarkable stories with the Apple Watch.  Stories ranged from emergencies (falls, heart emergency, major accidents), mindfulness, mental health, to weight loss, help with a disability, preventative care.

PARAMOUNT NETWORK: Cast recently discharged veterans, sharing stories about the role tv/movies played during their active service, providing escape, comfort.

PANTENE: Cast people who identified with an authentic story to tell about their life and journey in the LGBTQ+ community. For Pantene Initiative Empowerment Film “Don’t Hate me Because I’m Beautiful”

LOGO CHANNEL/LEVIS UNBUTTONED: Cast gay and lesbian singles and couples, talking about their lives.

CHAMPION: Cast people who were strong with extreme sports including double dutch, parkour, skateboarders, hula-hoop, hacky sack, pogo stick.

MEGA OMEGA 3: Cast cardiologists and doctors who are journalists.

HIP: Cast Speed Chess players

SOBE: Cast football players and ballet dancers

HGTV: Cast newlyweds and engaged couples, including LGBT

HGTV: Cast first time homebuyers and people with stand out travel stories

HSN/JOY MANGANO: Promo for her new book “Inventing Joy”: Cast people ready to make life changes or in middle of life changes, needing inspiration.

HUFFINGTON POST: “DOMA PROJECT”: Cast LGBT married couples in their late 50’s – 80s, for the anniversary of DOMA being declared unconstitutional.

MALIBU: Cast Caribbean voices.

SNAPPLE: Cast avid Snapple drinkers

DISNEY: Cast many large groups of real kids with big personalities who were real friends, ages 10-15, in real authentic situations. Kids traveled from across the NY tri-state area and beyond for this casting. Cast a variety of kids from big families (groups of siblings, cousins), sports teams, specific activity groups and organizations (basketball, ballet dancers, soccer, volleyball, boy scouts, girl scouts, synchronized figure skaters, gymnastics), and kids with physical disabilities who play sports (wheelchair basketball, wheelchair hockey, track and field athletes)

BLOOMBERG BUSINESSWEEK MAGAZINE: Cast 85 year old men and women and 8 year old boys and girls for Bloomberg Businessweek Magazine’s 85th Anniversary.

WEST SIDE STADIUM PROJECT: Cast a range of New Yorkers, bike messengers, construction workers, doormen, police officers, firemen, bus drivers, nurses

INTEL: Cast ballet dancers, sitar players, runners, mountain bikers, people who practice yoga, skateboarders, rollerbladers, cheerleaders, professional cooks, folk singers, gymnasts, musicians-garage bands

SUAVE: Cast double dutchers with very specific and healthy hair

CINGULAR WIRELESS: Cast Special Olympics athletes from Track and Field & Aquatics

ADIDAS: Cast real Italians for one spot and cast real Russians and Germans for another.

ILY (NEW VIDEO COMMUNICATIONS APP): Cast for real families, including grandparents.

PANERA BREAD: Cast real friends- teens, men in their 20s and women in 40s, teen activity groups, real couples in their 30s, real father and son, real grandfather and granddaughter.

POLITICAL AD: Cast a young deaf boy who uses a hearing aid.

TNT DOCUMENTARY: Cast all types of law enforcement who had experience interrogating people (cops, detectives, criminal lawyers, FBI agents) and suspects, people who have been interrogated.

WAR AGAINST THE WEAK: Documentary about Eugenics. Casting an African American Albino man, deaf/hearing impaired men and women, twins, child with physical disability, blind men and women, children with down syndrome, ex drug addicts, ex prostitutes.


Casting for: student photographers, stay-at-home moms, transgender women, contortionists, divers, motorcycle riders, clowns, skateboarders, people with many tattoos/piercings, soccer goalies, men with wild beards, balloon artists, baseball pitchers.

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