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Articles & Interviews:

NYCastings: Spring Awakening

Backstage: Keeping it Real and Unique

Backstage: CD Erica Palgon Has No Use for Passive Actors in an Audition

Video Interview: Does Professionalism Matter? 

Press on “C Street”

Dylan Walsh Joins Indie “C Street”

Greenpeace Campaign “Worst Joke”

Lewis Black “Save the Arctic” Worst Joke

Michael Showalter “Save the Arctic” Worst Joke

Worst Joke Campaign: More videos

And More Videos

Huffington Post

Press on the Shorty Awards

Comedian Natasha Leggero to Host the 6th Annual Shorty Awards

“Veep” actor Matt Walsh to Present at the Shorty Awards

Comedy Central’s H. Jon Benjamin will be a Presenter at the 6th Annual Shorty Awards

Gilbert Gottfried will be a Presenter at the 6th Annual Shorty Awards

Shorty Interview with Erica Palgon, Shorty Awards Casting Consultant

Press on “Dark”

“DARK” Trailer

CANNES: Michael Eklund Heads to ‘Dark’ with Joe Dante Exec Producing

“Counterfeit” Casting

Plowshare Films

Press on “Julia”

US Premiere at Screamfest in Hollywood, CA

Reviews 2014 Julia

“First Trailer for Julia, Starring The Human Centipede’s Ashley C. Williams”

Press on “Thirsty”

Press on “Thirsty” actor Johnny Beauchamp

Roland Emmerich’s ‘Stonewall’ Adds ‘How to Make It in America’ Actor (Exclusive)

“Most Anticipated Drama Movies Of 2014”

Press on “Stay At Home” and “The Gene” actress Cadden Jones


“One of the most stunning women on film and on print, she’s effortlessly photogenic.

Cadden is going to kick ass as a trained assassin and stir hearts as a mummy in the exciting short “Stay At Home”.

The highly anticipated “The Gene” will see her as Dr Catherine Heyman who discovers the “gay” gene. This could be the feature that could get her plenty of buzz.”

Reviews for “Doomsdays”


“Rice and Fitzpatrick are perfectly cast, both distinctive, charismatic presences who absolutely own the screen. Paired together, they share a chemistry that makes their endlessly amusing banter rocket, particularly whenever hapless outsiders are introduced to their vagabond universe. An ingeniously scripted reinvention of the slacker/buddy comedy and an eccentric, eco-conscious fuck-the-world battle cry, DOOMSDAYS is a uniquely good-humored act of total confrontation. It’s easily one of 2013’s greatest surprises.” – Mitch Davis, Fantasia Film Festival


“Among the several wonderful things about “Doomsdays” is its utter unpredictability. Rice is droll and dangerous; Fitzpatrick is sullen but sensitive. The pair of equally footloose nomads who joins them – the seemingly geeky Jaison (Brian Charles Johnson) and the slinky Reyna (Laura Campbell) – aren’t what one expects either. Nothing about “Doomsdays” is what you expect.” – John Anderson, Indie Wire


“Doomsdays stands out amongst the year’s comedies thanks to fantastic chemistry between the cast and a uniquely good humoured script that never does what you expect it to as what starts as a straightforward comedy quickly becomes a touching and heart swelling movie about family.” – Mark Rogers, Raindance Festival


“..DOOMSDAYS, whose dream-team casting of Justin Rice (MUTUAL APPRECIATION) and Leo Fitzpatrick (KIDS) had me sold from the revelation of a single publicity image…..While the veil of mystery is lifted from the character of Bruho over the course of the film, Fred’s destructive impulses remain enigmatic. But he’s charming enough to pull it off, and the combination of astute casting choices – including newcomers Brian Charles Johnson and Laura Campbell – and its dryly comical tableaux made DOOMSDAYS one of the highlights of the festival for me” – Kier-La Janisse, Spectacular Optical


“Across the board, the performances are excellent, and have the feel of the type of cinematic spontaneity that only comes from lots and lots of rehearsal, experimentation, done within the lines of a particular vision.” – Kurt Halfyard, Twitch Film, Fantasia Film Festival


Reviews for “The Project”

THE PROJECT – Slamdance Film Festival 2008″¨

…Piotrowicz should also be commended for his casting, as it’s the natural talent with which the film is bestowed that gifts the film its genuine nature and effect. The Project smartly provides each of the essential characters with a complete backstory, which add great depth to the story, and the actors display a fresh competence that’s fun to watch and puts The Project into the context of the world at large.
~Moving Pictures Magazine

Ryan Piotrowicz takes the faux documentary to another level with his first feature. Strong believable performances from a talented cast quickly gets viewers involved with the main characters, ….. One of our top picks at Slamdance, we hope to see The Project hit more screens throughout this year’s circuit.
~The Film Lot


The Project cast photos at Slamdance

Reviews for “Great World of Sound”

USA Today: Scenes from Sundance: Fake music scammers trick real performers

Manohla Dargis for the New York Times:  “¨Gold Rush Mentality at a Hustlin’Sundance

LA Times article by Chris Lee ‘Great World of Sound’sounds a cautionary note as it tries to fleece wannabe recording artists.

Scott Foundas for LA Weekly: ҬOnce in a Sundance

Andrew O’Hehir for Beyond the Multiplex

Press on Matt Beilis Music Video

Matt Beilis Marries Childhood Sweetheart in “Perfect For Me” Video

Commerical: Slotomania

Gravity Media Launches It’s First Ad Campaign for Social Game Slotomania

Press on Delirium’s Daughters

Talking Broadway Review by Howard Miller

NY Theater Guide: Off-Off Broadway Review by Jeff Myhre

Woman Around Town: Reviewed by Patricia Norris

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