My story…through my own real people database…

Below is what I’m asking of the people interested in being a part of my Real People Database…

I figured, I’m asking people to reveal personal things about themself to me, a stranger. A trusted casting director, but still a stranger. So I decided to show my vulnerability and reveal some personal things about me…A little less of a stranger and like everyone, a person with a story too.
Here’s a little insight into my own entry…

Tell us about your interests and skills!
(ie: sports you play, writing, blogging, sports you are a fan of, crafts, collecting, musical instruments, cooking, martial arts, technology, photography, DIY, visual arts, etc…)

Love to play tennis! US Open fan from the womb. Storyteller, freestyle writer – if that’s a thing. Doll collector, yes, I’m 46. What of it. And I have a beautiful doll house I created/designed when I was 16 yrs old. I’ll read or watch most anything to simply learn and understand, figure out, help and to challenge myself. I am a newly yogi and practice meditation and mindfulness. A Kripalu lover (yoga/mediation, all around amazing retreat) Love to entertain. Can recite pretty much all the dialogue in Seinfeld and Friends. I have two vision boards one of love, mantras, goals, and the other reminders of self love, gratitude. I can’t help but love things I grew up with, tv, movies, music. I love live music. Feel like this is turning into a dating profile. Well… let’s stop there. You can find out more on any one of my dating sites I’m a member of. Close your eyes and point, I’ll be on one.

ie: Married? single? kids? personal struggles you’d like to share, relationships, tell us about your best friend in your life and why they are important to you, proudest moments, life changing decisions, a big move – work or home, favorite places you’ve traveled to, most embarrassing moment, recent moment that made you laugh out loud.

Personal struggle…I had a slight learning disability growing up through my early-ish teens. I was a blt behind and slow learner in school. Grateful to have had patient, creative tutors for reading, math and science who really cared about me and were extremely hands on. Even going as far as encouraging and recognizing a creative writing talent they saw in me.
In the long run learning at a slower pace, truly benefited me as time went on, giving me strong determination, unique perspectives, creative mind and a never give up attitude.

Proudest that I am the coolest aunt to 4 nephews and a niece. They call me “Auntie Ca”, you know, Eri-Ca. I can’t help but remember when I first whispered my name into their ears over and over, when they were all babies. They are the funniest, energetic and loving humans and bring out my wacky, non-overthinking, side. I love reminiscing and seeing them react to stories about my childhood, and shows I watched, toys I played with. And today having flashbacks to my bat mitzvah (photos) as my nephew gets ready for his bar mitzvah. So grateful for my family making that moment special for me and I hope it’s just as special for my nephew.

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