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“I highly recommend Erica Palgon as a teacher.  She and I have worked together for several years on many different types of projects, and she is always enthusiastic, kind to actors and very thorough.  She is a major champion of actors, and loves to discover new people.”

– Nina Pratt, VP of Casting –  Grey Advertising

“Erica’s class is my favorite resource to recommend to my commercial clients – I know that when they work with Erica, they will not only develop their auditioning skills and hone their comedic instincts, but they’ll also have the privilege of working with an inspiring teacher who truly cares about her students. Erica is smart, funny and insightful, and as a veteran casting director she knows exactly what actors need to do to stand out in this competitive industry. I highly recommend her commercial comedy class to all actors looking to step UP their game and OUT of their comfort zone!”

– Shoshana Robuck, talent agent at Take 3 Talent

“Erica is a pro who knows her stuff!  Take advantage of her knowledge. She’s a great combination of smart, funny, and (most importantly) kind.”

– Stephen Soroka, actor, writer (writer for Michael Patrick King/RuPaul comedy “AJ and the Queen” for Netflix, writer for “Boring, OR” for Jack Black’s production company. He performed at SketchfestNYC, Chicago Sketchfest, Toronto Sketchfest and the 2010 New York Comedy Festival’s, “Best of NY Sketch”. BoF was nominated as “Best Sketch Comedy Group,” for the 2009 ECNY Awards.)

“Erica is an awesome teacher and casting director! She will bring out your best comedic instincts and will teach you to not be afraid and to go for it in your commercial audition. I recommend Erica as your secret weapon before your next commercial audition!”

– Anna Suzuki , actor (national commercials, Dollar Shave Club, TV: Orange is the New Black, Late Night with Stephen Colbert, College Humor, High Maintenance, Younger, Divorce)

“I’ve auditioned for Erica Palgon, learned from her, been cast by her and worked with her as a reader many times over the years. Her speciality is comedy, and discovering new talent…when you get an audition for Erica you know its going to be a good project and you can trust that you are going to get the help you need IN THE ROOM to do the best job you possibly can. She’s one of the rare ones in this business and she’s someone to learn from for sure.”

– Tricia Paoluccio, actor (TJ Maxx, Great World of Sound, Visit 57, Bull, Chicago Med, Homeland, Kevin Can Wait)

“Erica Palgon is absolutely one of my favorite Casting Directors in New York!  I have collaborated with her on both sides of the table and am always thrilled to work with her. Erica has a way of guiding actors to bring their best out in every audition.  She knows your strength and helps you lean into them so that you bring YOU to the process, and leave all the other crap behind. Oh.. and she’s just a lovely person too!”

-Ursula Abbott, actor (digital series “Mother Judger”, Visit 57, Chapter 27, Brooklyn Blues, TV: Members Only, Babylon Fields, Law and Order)

“Erica is one of the most warm and helpful casting directors- always so supportive to actors- whenever I audition for her I know that I will have a great experience top to bottom! Smart, cool, and fun!”

– Nadia Quinn. Actor (Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, This is Us, Louie, The Mysteries of Laura, Younger, Modern Love, The Big C, Blank Meets Blank)

“I always love going in to audition for Erica! She always makes me feel well prepared and comfortable on camera. It’s very refreshing to audition for a casting director that really understand comedy and exactly what the client wants to see. Her direction is always spot on and I always leave the room feeling like I nailed the audition.”

– Betsy Kenney, actor (Life Nutrition, Comedy Central Festival Promo, co-wrote and starred in IFC Comedy Crib’s The Place We Live. Host of the Instagram series Pushing Buttons, produced by Questlove, and has appeared in commercials for Olay, Fruit of The Loom, NY Lottery, Geico, Cisco, Samsung QuickPay, Summers Eve.)

“Erica is one of my favorite casting directors! She makes every audition so fun and engaging, and I’m always stoked to go in for whatever she’s casting. I’ve booked a few Comedy Central commercials with her so she’s a great resource for the commercials that are actually funny. Take this class damn it.”

– Brendan Fitzgibbons, actor (Comedy Central Papa Johns promo, Alternatino, Girl Code, Guy Code)

“It’s no surprise the majority of commercials I’ve booked have been with Erica! She has the best way of making me feel natural in front of the camera which allows my natural sense of humor to come out so I can truly bring myself to each audition. Thank you!”

– Anna Callegari, actor (Domestic Violence PSA for NFL, L’Oréal/WeTV, Girl Code, Broad City,)

“Erica is one of the most passionate and committed casting directors and comedy directors in the industry. When you work with someone who loves what they do, the way Erica does, it makes every project easy and fun. Her enthusiasm is contagious. But even more than that, her wise insight and keen eye have helped make my experiences with her successful in one way or another! “

Cate Smit, actor (Law and Order, MTV, Comedy Central, and VH-1 in the show Couch Potato, Late Night with David Letterman and The Onion News Network. AMDA Faculty teaching Acting & Film/TV acting )

“Taking direction from a great casting director like Erica Palgon makes my job as an actor so much easier.  Over the past few decades, with her gentle manor and incredible sense of humor, Erica has guided and inspired me toward strong and effective acting choices and ones that not only help me grow as a performer but help me get the job!”

– Jennifer Jiles, actor (Bull, Rob Corddry’s sketch comedy “Third Rail Comedy”, Judd Hirsch web series “Small Miracles.”, Commercials : Lever 2000, Wells Fargo)

“As a performer, I’ve greatly enjoyed the opportunity to work with Erica in castings and auditions! She makes talent feel comfortable, provides clear direction, and offers constructive feedback with open communication. She’s able to see an actor’s potential and help guide them to realize it. Sign up for your spot while you can!”

– Leslie Goshko, actor, singer (Losers Lounge performer, host and creator of the monthly storytelling series and NY Times Critics’ Pick, “Sideshow Goshko” – featured on TruTV Practical Jokers, blogger for Huffington Post, Comedy writer for SiriusXM)

“Every time you walk into an audition room is a chance explore. A chance to be the best you, you can be. Erica’s guidance and suggestions in the room have helped me consistently book work in both commercial AND film. Her comedic chops and ability to bridge the gap between a written breakdown and a seamless performance is a testament to her abilities. If you find an opening in her classes, grab it.”

– Brandon Beilis, actor  (Geico commercial, short film “Stay at Home”)

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