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SATURDAYS 12-2PM – 4 week class

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Super fantastic awesomeness and creative juices overflow from my amazing students I am so proud of!!!!!! I saw them all transform before my eyes in my 4 week commercial comedy class @thepitnyc @simplestudiosnyc #greatenergy #present #asif #smartthinking #grateful for the opportunity to be your teacher and add to your journey!

Commercial Comedy Workshop … Student Testimonials

“This class was legit! Not only is Erica a true master of her craft, she’s also  inspirational, honest, supportive, and challenging. No BS, period. What I loved most about her was that she teaches you how to trust your gut instinct and helps you discover ways to set you apart from the crowd, while still staying true to yourself. Take her class, you won’t regret it.” – Garrett Poladian

“Thank you for your class. Your positivity, insight into the casting side of the business, and encouragement of self-confidence and unique choices has helped me in real time as I continue to audition in this whirlwind industry. I feel more confident and informed in the room, so I have more freedom to make stronger choices. I wanted to use this class as a diagnostic for my commercial auditioning skills, and that definitely paid off.” – Kyle Schaefer

“Thank you Erica for teaching the class, for your passion for the business, for your expertise, your humor and for your confidence in each of us.  You are such a natural.  I cannot imagine that you would not succeed at each and every endeavor you accept, knowing that success comes in many forms.  You have a way of bringing the best out of each performer….” – Jeanne O’Brien

“Erica Palgon’s class taught me so much not only about comedy and auditioning, but also about myself as an actor and what was holding me back from growing into my full potential. Erica is informative, enthusiastic, and a wealth of great feedback and advice. As someone with very little improv and comedy training, I always felt welcomed and encouraged to experiment and trust my insticts. I recommend Erica’s classes to anyone who wants to get a real understanding of the industry while also having a lot of fun.” – Marie Anello

“I’m really glad I got a chance to work with Erica. Every class was filled with thought provoking discussion about the industry and I came out with some really good insider tips to nail my commercial auditions. Definitely feeling more confident in my preparation and execution for all commercials big or small.” – Brandon Damiano

“I guarantee you that you will leave a room with new skills and feeling more confident after taking Erica’s workshop. Her pertinent advice leads you to the next level each time. I highly recommend taking Erica Palgon’s amazing workshops!” – Shio Muramatsu

“Erica’s passion for comedy is infectious – she taught me how to see mistakes as opportunities for learning which is the most valuable lesson to an actor, I transformed anxiety into curiosity and playfulness with her guidance. I attended Erica’s acting for comedy commercials and learnt more than I did in an entire semester of commercial classes at film school! Coming from another country, I didn’t feel comfortable with “American humor” – Erica’s direction gave me confidence and allowed me to draw from my personal experiences which made for richer choices and trusting in my individuality!
I’m excited to try new choices – I learnt how to use the camera to my advantage!” – Casey Ann-Diepeveen

“Erica will help you fine tune your commercial audition technique regardless of level. She really customizes every lesson to each individual actor. I will continue to use her methods to help me throughout my career” -Melissa Rakiro

“Erica Palgon is a truly inspiring and extremely talented teacher. She has so much knowledge and experience in her craft and she is unbelievably generous and enthusiastic in sharing all her insights as a teacher. Her passion for storytelling and craft is infectious. It is a joy to study with someone who is so thoughtful and empathic. She is an expert at reading people and knowing exactly what to say to help them grow in there craft. Erica structures and tailors her classes to her students needs and she constantly adapts her teaching to ensure her students success. One of the things I really loved about the homework that Erica assigned was that it was designed to build structure and create powerful working habits and strategies that transfer directly to building confidence and positive actions that I could take to become more focused and knowledgeable about the business and my place in it at the same time being extremely enjoyable. The on camera classwork was so enjoyable, the exercises were; simple, specific, and yet powerfully transformative. I learned so much from her direction. If your serious about learning and taking your craft to the next level then put aside everything you think you know and sign up for class with Erica Palgon. She is a master teacher who is nurturing and supportive as well as highly skilled and adaptive in her teaching style. I’m so grateful I got to study with her and I look forward to studying with her again in the future.
Thank you Erica you’re the best.” – John Prada

It is amazing how much I took away from this class in just four weeks. I developed tools from this class that have not only helped improve with my audition technique but have also made me an overall more engaged, thinking actor. The learning in this class goes beyond what you learn in each session, you can expect to be learning and improving in your craft every single day. Although the course ended a few days ago, it isn’t the sort of thing you end and you only go back to reference your class notes when an audition pops up. Erica preps you to be constantly thinking so this knowledge becomes second-hand. Having your auditions filmed in real-time and having access to them after class is also an extremely useful device to have on hand as well. Even in a group setting, every minute of this class is used to your benefit! I am very grateful to have had this opportunity to learn in such a fun and supportive space and am happy for the actor it has made me! – Nisarah Lewis

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