Casting search for transgender women for the lead in upcoming film

Film title: AFTER THE DATE
SAG-AFTRA Student Film Agreement
Temple University Graduate Thesis

AFTER THE DATE is a romance genre short film. The story develops a romance between a heterosexual, cisgender man and a transgender woman, and the film reveals how oppression can bring two people together, rather than tear them apart.

The film shows a happy and healthy romance between a straight man, NATE, and a transgender woman, EMMA. Her transgender status is not an issue to Nate. However, they deal with a small incident of police harassment. She is an amateur photographer, and she is technically trespassing at the Divine Lorraine to take a few photographs. A cop IDs her, and finds that she has not updated the gender on her license. The cop harasses her, and later, the couple make a complaint at the police station. The conflict gets out of hand, and Nate is arrested for disorderly conduct.

The film addresses contemporary themes which affect transgender women, such as romantic relationships between transgender women and heterosexual men, and the marginalization of transgender people.
Female, 23-35, Any ethnicity.  Must be an actual transgender woman.  Emma is a transgender woman who finds herself in a heated relationship with heterosexual man, while unintentionally living as stealth. She grew up in a small town in Pennsylvania, and she recently relocated to Philadelphia to find a fresh start in life. She meets her romantic interest, while taking photographs in a mosaic garden in the city. She reveals an incident of police harassment to her lover, and the two find their relationship tested by oppression from the outside world.
The film shoot in Philadelphia, PA.  August 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22
Travel/Rehearsal date: August 16 (early evening)
Return travel date: Aug 22

Pay: $100 + 10%/ day
Production will provide transportation to/from Philadelphia, meals and accommodations.

For more details please email :
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