Casting kids for upcoming film, THIRSTY

Erica Palgon Casting & Beyond is seeking kids for upcoming film, THIRSTY. There are several roles for kids that require strong acting skills as well as singing and dancing.

Auditions week of July 15 in Manhattan. The film is under the SAG Ultra Low Budget Agreement. It shoots from 9/28 through 10/22 upstate NY in Hudson Valley region and a few days in Jersey City, NJ.

Accommodations and travel provided for talent

Talent must submit a picture AND resume to: and include which role they are submitting for.

Below is a synopsis of the film and a breakdown of the roles I am seeking.

Synopsis: Scott Townsend’s slippery gender rules his life, from growing up in the projects as a bullied effeminate boy, to his career as Thirsty Burlington: kick-ass drag queen and Cher impersonator. This musical biopic spotlights the power of gender to both endanger and  work its magic. Loosely based on the life of Scott Townsend/Thirsty Burlington, the film is a period piece, taking place during 70’s, 80’s 90’s to present time.

Young Scott Townsend: 7-10 yrs old, male, Caucasian. He is a skinny, effeminate boy riddled with fears but who hams it up showing off his talent as a singer/performer. He is often lost in depression and distraught over his mother’s addiction to drugs and alcohol. He is bullied for his effeminate behavior but has no interest in, or ability to, fight for himself. Androgynous in how he comes across. Adorable with dark features (mix of Native American/Irish"¦dark hair/eyes, olive skin). Actor for this role must have a very good singing voice and be able to dance (jazz, theater movement, tap, soft shoe ideally).

Should be comfortable acting in one scene where he is pushed around in an aggressive manner. Should also be comfortable around dogs. (shoots: upstate NY in Hudson Valley region & Jersey City.) Approx 10 shoot  days.

Teenage Scott Townsend: 14-16 yrs. old, male, Caucasian, dark features (mix of Native American/Irish"¦dark hair/eyes, olive skin) Androgynous in how he comes across. By the time Scott is a teenager he has been placed in a special high school with other children who felt misplaced  in public school. He blossoms and becomes popular in this new setting. Actor for this role must have a strong singing voice and needs to be able to do a passable (Michael Jackson) moonwalk. Some implied sexual content for this role. (shoots upstate NY in Hudson Valley region & Jersey City) Approx 3 shoot days

Young Girl in Pink: 7-10 yrs old, female, Caucasian. She is a fantasy friend and savior that Scott invents to keep life bearable and get him through the tough times. Always dressed in pink and never speaking. She mimics Scott in age and bears a resemblance to him but she is everything that he’s not: strong, bold, fearless and confident. She  boldly confronts Scott’s fears, wins his battles and comes out on top.

Girl in Pink moves through life with an exaggerated spirit. When she has triumphed over some obstacle she does a little jig which is her signature, power, dance step. Note: She has one scene with a dog.

Should be comfortable with dogs. (shoots: upstate NY in Hudson Valley region and approx 1-2 days in Jersey City) Approx 4 shoot days

Chicky: 13-15 yrs old, male, Latino. He has a strong looking physique for a child his age, a bully who has it out for Scott and lives in the same housing project. Chicky has been thrust into an adult role prematurely and masks his fears in overt macho behavior. He is attracted to Scott, which confuses and enrages him and threatens his  tough guy façade. Chicky turns to alcohol and drugs for comfort at an early age, which leads him to stealing. One day Chicky is drunk and he barges into Scott’s apartment, finding nothing of value to steal, Chicky assaults 11 yr old Scott, which leaves a lasting mark on both of them. Must be able to dance in the styles of: jazz/tap, hip-hop  and Afro-Cuban and have a good singing voice. (shoots: upstate NY in Hudson Valley region and Jersey City). Approx 5 shoot days.

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